Celebrating Life…

Before you look to make change celebrate what you already have !

If last week was a chance to be still and reflect then this week is about being fully in the present and it’s National Celebration of Life Week so what a fabulous reminder to look around us and celebrate what is going on for us right now !

For many people life can range from mundane to down right difficult to deal with and we are bombarded with the negative through all media outlets. Celebrations can be hard to find and even for those that are on an even keel, celebration can be seen as something saved for the big events.

And yet understanding what is happening in our lives in the moment , looking at what we already have and seeing the small details which make our life what it is are vital components in drafting your future journey .. once again at this time when it’s all about goals – making things bigger , better ,changing , doing more or less of stuff  doesn’t it make sense to understand also appreciate what is just there now. That is what you need to nurture and love and grow. .. and of course being in the now and being present – that’s mindful living !

I heard a wonderful description of the visual world we live in – when we take the photo which used to be for memory and to cherish and now is all about creating the perfect image of a perfect world. We become so obsessed with the taking of the image and the look of the image we almost forget the moment we are capturing. … and yet if we stopped we might see that in that moment we had it all – right there – right then .. we had it all .. but we didn’t see it and we didn’t celebrate it and when we finally look up the moment is lost and sometimes the people are lost as well.

Helping people celebrate their life is such a wonderful part of my role and we start this by simply looking for positives on a daily basis. Now this seems easy but again for many people this can be tough especially when the goal is to find 10 or 20 positives every single day… and yet it’s about embracing the small. The smaller the better in fact . My favourites I share are:

  1. Putting on the hob light in the early morning before the house wakes up.
  2. Hearing the whistle of the kettle on the gas hob ready for that first cup tea.
  3. The first cup of tea – which I love so much I posted about recently.

And that’s 3 before I have even got out of my PJ’s! not very exciting and would pass many people by ..

… and yet that is the start of celebrating – each small thing which brightens our day creates that positive mind-set.

I recently asked my social media community how they celebrated – mine was very food related. Having been bullied to the point of home schooling and used food as a way of control I now see food as something to be enjoyed ..I was smiling when I saw so many people agreeing and of course opening the bottle of bubbles  – any excuse for me ( in moderation of course.) But also things such as driving in the sun to remind them of the summer months to come are all ways to embrace and celebrate the life we have.

So as you start this year and think about the adventures to come remember to stop and make time to celebrate your life right now , your people right now and look to see what you already have !

Bright Blessings !

Ali x


One thought on “Celebrating Life…

  1. Love the reference to taking the ‘perfect photo’ We can easy become so obsessed in creating the perfect view for the future, that we forget to soak in the present!

    I think we should celebrate more. It is ok to celebrate our successes big but we need to remember the small too. I like your 3 examples. I only read today a lovely post from a grandma responding to her teenager granddaughter. Her granddaughter had posted…I hate waking up…the grandma responded with …i do to but at least I didn’t die in my sleep!

    A celebration can be a simple dance to celebrate life.


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