The Waiting and The Re-Start

It’s all about those in-between days and the wiping of the slate ….

Christmas we all get – the build up and the preparation. There is a plan of action and there are traditions to keep which give us structure. It comes at a perfect time .. right at the end of the year so we can pack it all away and get ready to start again .. but … there is that slight problem.

Between the Christmas and the New Year we have ‘ those days’ .. the in between days.. the days with no name. They start after Boxing Day …and the question is what then?

For many of course and for me in the past they have been normal working days – although feeling a bit odd if I am honest. They just don’t feel like other days – they feel as though we are waiting for something, so even going about our normal day to day business just feels a bit different.

People are so keen to try and move through them we have started to name days at the other end – New Year’s Eve Eve for example the day before the day before. So keen are we to just get going.

Added to this everywhere is all about starting again, making resolutions, making lists, planning for next year, moving on so that you feel as though you have somehow failed if you haven’t filled in your personal journal and planner with events right up to next summer at least, committed to a whole new you and committed to eating only green foods in liquid form for at least the first 3 months!

Why do we do this ? – well it’s as though that magical time when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve is like Cinderella in reverse. Everything about the old year is wiped away – we can start afresh and become a new person – cleansed and committed. Able to re start our goals and make new plans. It’s no wonder we want to miss those days in between especially as we may still be wading through the Christmas excess ( aren’t we all glad when the last of the food is done?)

But this year after finishing my first full year as self employed I reached these days and suddenly I realised something. I was so caught up in the moving forward and it was driven partly by my own motivation – good – and partly by comparing myself to what everyone else seemed to be doing. Social media is full of posts stating that people are getting amazing clients , filling workshops to sold out , taking big opportunities and already having one foot in 2018…and I realised I was procrastinating  yet being busy – but not really getting stuff done so it was time to do something I hadn’t done in quite a while.. and I wasn’t enjoying it because it was based on what other people’s success was all about and it was time to STOP!

The main reason we procrastinate is because we either feel overwhelmed or we are unsure of where our journey will take us. The remedy to both is to stop , to listen , to reconnect with your inner thoughts , to be mindful of course and to do this you need to have quiet.

I call it surfing the urge with clients when they are compelled to do something and so I did just that – I surfed through the urge to get started on next year and I made time in the in between days to really listen to what my soul was saying. At first it was hard, I wanted to be working on stuff, to fill my time and of course there was guilt about having time off .. but then through the quiet it clicked and I had that ah ha moment. I stopped long enough to hear my own voice and I got the answers I was searching for . I listened to the silence, I embraced the down time , I waited in the waiting days and then I knew!

So now I sit here on New Year’s Eve ready to embrace 2018, clearer than I ever have been in my intentions and looking forward to the opportunities to come .. but also reminded of the need to build in time, time to think , to plan , to be with others, to reconnect with self , to clear the diary and to listen to the world in that moment around me.

Have a wonderful start to your New Year – make each day count , be kind and every so often just stop and see how much the silence can tell you.

Bright Blessings !